2014 Summer C.S.A. getting ready to start!

Welcome dear supporters of our 2014 all naturally growing community supported agriculture program. We are going to start the season with group A, Mondays on June 2, group B, Wednesdays on June 4, group C, Fridays on June 6.  Gates open at 11am till 7pm. Please understand as a small farm growing naturally for you requires discipline on both sides so please understand our distribution dates and times, they are firm. All past members if you were happy with your pick up dates last year do not do anything they will remain the same.

Know where your food comes from, how it is grown, and who is growing it !!!

The Mendies farm is now accepting a few more members to be apart of our naturally growing community farm.  We are going into our fourth year as a all natural growing farm.  We do not use insecticides or synthetic fertilizers, but grow using all of mother natures resources. Building our soils with leaf compost, aged woodchips , and aged manure has provided us with the sweetest vegetables around. Also having a wonderful team of volunteers consisting of our own members to perform the weekly harvest has really given this farm a sense of a community farm.

Learning Projects at Mendies Farm


June 2, 2014

List of this week's veggies:
U-pick Veggies:

We look forward to seeing everyone soon. Thank you for your community support. Lawrence and Heidi.

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